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Hollanda Bankaları Hangileridir

Tarih: 14-09-2015 10:46:22 + -

Hollanda'da faaliyet gösteren bankaların isimleri ve adresleri..

Hollanda  Bankaları Hangileridir

  • ABN AMRO - The Network Bank - WWW site of the major Dutch bank ABN AMRO. It containes, besides a description of their services, information about the Dutch financial market. And take a look at their sponsored events. All in English.
  • Canada Trust Bank N.V. - As a leading financial institusion in Holland, we offer short term investments in Canadian and U.S. dollars and European currencies at very competitive interest rates.
  • Demir-Halk Bank (Nederlands) N.V. - At Demir-Halk Bank, we want to become a leading European provider of trade finance products and services to a global clientele for their Turkish business. To reach this goal, we seek to offer excellent customer service in every transaction. We continuously work on building long-term relationships with our clientele. Our expertise in the Turkish market is our most important competitive asset. Therefore, we strive to always have a finger on the pulse of the Turkish economy, to keep current on the innovative developments in this highly dynamic business environment.
  • ING Bank International - ING Bank is the banking arm of ING Group. ING Group is the largest financial services group in the Netherlands and one of the major financial institutions in Europe.
  • ING Bank Netherlands - This is the homepage of ING Bank Netherlands. You will find here information about mortgages, Electronic Banking en Students.
  • De Nationale Investeringsbank - De Nationale Investeringsbank N.V. specializes in long term financing en equity capital worldwide.
  • Kas-Associatie N.V.
  • Postbank Online
  • Rabobank - As a top national and international food and agribusiness financial institution, the Dutch Rabobank Group's coordinated strategy is designed to offer a broad-based range of services to both corporate and retail customers according to the so-called Allfinanz concept. In addition to its fine-meshed domestic netwerk, Rabobank has around 50 offices worldwide, including those of subsidiaries in 20 countries. In Europe alone there are 30 branches in 11 countries.
  • sns bank - Community bank with a full range of products on internet. Mind the online mortgage calculation.
  • VSB Bank - A beautiful site of VSB Bank, part of Fortis. (kaynak:quazell.com)


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